Who wires the industrial plants and factories, the warehouses, the office buildings, the shopping centers small and large…and who's called when something goes wrong with the electrical system in such facilities? Generally, the call goes to our contractors.

And to get the work done, they need highly skilled journeymen wiremen (electricians).

Blueprints, Hardhat and Materials

That's why the industry created a five-year apprenticeship program-involving in-depth knowledge of all types of electrical work.

Journeymen are in short supply, with the number reducing as workmen trained 20 to 30 years ago retire. Our industry has devoted hundreds of millions of dollars and resources to gear up and train more and more of these highly skilled electricians…the backbone of the electrical construction industry. As part of that structure, your career would involve interesting, ever-changing work, with opportunities galore.

Interested? We hope so!